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     Every Police Department in the State of New Jersey is bound by laws when it comes to releasing information.  We want to keep you informed of what your department is doing.  However,  we cannot disseminate the following investigations or cases: domestic violence, certain child abuse cases, juvenile information, sexual assault victim information, wire tap or surveillance information, medical examiner's reports, confessions, mug shots, copies of criminal histories, defendants statements, name of a deceased until the next of kin has been notified, test results (polygraph, fingerprint comparison, ballistics test, or breathalyer tests) information that will be evidentiary in trial, information that will hinder an investigation and any opinion on a case.  What we will give you is what we give the local news and more local events that the newspapers usually do not print.




"E-shop Best Buy has received an order addressed to you which has to be confirmed by the recipient within 4 days. Upon confirmation you may pick it in any nearest store of Best Buy. Detailed order information is attached to the letter. Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving! Best Buy" Just received this sent to an employee who has not worked here in years. There was a winzip file attached. when I looked at it, it was an application. Be careful opening these scams. within the winzip file you will find a virus. Lt. Kmetz



DATE: 12/10/14  CASE:14-14382
LOCATION: Lakeside Blvd and Brooklyn Mtn Road
NAME OF THE ACCUSED: Michele Cardone
CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: Leaving the Scene, Failure to Report an Accident and No Insurance
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Luciani responded to an accident where one of the vehicles left the scene.  When he arrived he found a vehicle on the lawn of 76 Lakeside Blvd.  The driver stated she was driving on Lakeside Blvd when another vehicle pulled out of Brooklyn Mtn Road hitting the passenger side of her car. The impact made her spin out of control  and end up on the lawn.   The other driver stopped then left the scene.  Officer Luciani was later given a license plate recovered from the scene.  He called the owner who was Cardone. She came to the Police Station and was cooperative.  She stated that she panicked and left the scene.
The legislature has made the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident stiff. Fine of no less than $400.00, and/or imprisonment for not more than 30 days and a license suspension for 6 months. Leaving the Scene when there is an injury is even harsher.
If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident stay at the scene and wait for the police.  Do not argue nor confront the other driver. Stay in your vehicle if you are still on the road where you might be struck by oncoming traffic.  
Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000
(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)





DATE:  12/01/14                CASE:14-14028

TIME: 19:12

LOCATION: Motor Vehicle Stop Lakeside Blvd


NAME OF ACCUSED: Jake Robertiello

ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Mountain Road Flanders



CHARGES: Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Paraphernalia


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kern stopped a vehicle for having a light out.  When he approached the car he could smell the odor of burnt marijuana.  After speaking with the occupants and searching the vehicle it was found that the front seat passenger who was Roberteillo possessed a partially smoked marijuana cigarette and a metal "one hitter" smoking device. He was arrested and taken to headquarters.  Officer Kern found that Robertiello had a $1,000.00  criminal warrant out of Roxbury for theft. Robertiello was bailed out by a family member. Robertiello was then processed, charged and later released on our complaint.    

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 11/27/14                   CASE:14-13847

TIME: 01:17

LOCATION: Pavinci's Restaurant




NAME OF ACCUSED: Matthew Gibney

ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Santa Clara Trail Hopatcong



CHARGES: Criminal Mischief


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Cirri responded to Pavinci's restaurant on a report of male who punched a hole in a wall.  When he arrived he saw the owner of the restaurant following a male in the parking lot. Officer Cirri saw the male later identified as Gibney running through the parking lot towards River Styx Road.  Cirri caught up to Gibney and asked him why he was running. Gibney was calm and cooperative.  He said he punched a hole in the wall.  The owner came over and started to work out a deal with Gibney so that he wouldn’t be charged.  As Officer Cirri was running Gibneys information Gibney became loud and started to yell at Officer Cirri..  Gibney came towards the Officer and was pushed back. Gibney became louder and louder.  He was then arrested. He was taken to headquarters charged and later released.


Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)





DATE: 11/25/14                     CASE:14-13764


ROADWAY: Quick Chek parking lot




STOPPED BY: Ptl. Kraus

REASON FOR THE STOP: Caller called in an erratic driver


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: Possession of Crack 3rd degree, Obstruction 3rd degree, Possession of drug paraphernalia DP, Resisting Arrest DP, DWI, Reckless Driving and Possession of CDS in a Motor Vehicle

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: A motorist (Being the eyes and ears for their Police Department) called in a vehicle they were following that was all over the road.  This vehicle was going over the double yellow lines. At one point it went up onto a curb and almost struck a light pole.  The caller followed the vehicle into the Quick Chek parking lot.  Officer Kraus and Sgt. O'Shea watched the vehicle pull out of a parking spot and pull into another one.  Officer Kraus stopped the vehicle driven by Lang.  While speaking with Lang, she reached under the front passenger seat. She was told several times to stop reaching under the seat but kept trying to reach under there.  Officer Kraus grabbed Lang by her shoulder and ordered her out of her car so she couldn't reach under the seat.  Lang refused to get out.  Officer Kraus tried to pull her out but she grabbed the center console. Officer Kraus struggled with Lang and pulled her out of her car.  Lang had something in her hand and refused to open her hand. Again Lang struggled with Officer Kraus. She was flailing her arms and attempted to put her hand in her mouth and pocket. She tried to pull away and was taken to the ground.  Lang sustained a cut to her forehead.  She had a small piece of empty foil in her hand that she was trying to hide.  It was empty.  In the car she possessed two crack pipes copper brillo, and a small baggy of suspected crack cocaine.  She was arrested and brought to headquarters.  She was given the Alcotest and a DRE exam. She was charged and released the next morning after no one picked her up.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


Hikers and hunters make sure your phone is charged and someone knows the area you will be in. (Report altered for press release). Lt. Kmetz

Patrols responded to the area of Squaw Trail/Devils footprint woods on the report of a lost hiker. The caller stated that her husband went into the woods with the family dog this morning. She started to worry and spoke to him on his cellphone around 0930. At that time he stated that he got a little lost in the woods but knows he is near Nebraska Trail. He will be back home by 1030 am. She waited until 1130am and contacted this pd. Ptl. Cirri went to the callers location and got more information from her. Ptl. Lotito went into the woods at the last point of known contact. (Nebraska/Acron) I headed to Squaw trail to head in from there and meet in the middle of the main trail. A few minutes later while Ptl. Cirri was at the house the husban called. He stated that he was standing in the roadway at Temple Trail. When he got out of the woods he had to borrow a phone from a passerby because his battery was dead on his phone. I responded to that location and found him. He was fine and stated he couldn't believe he got lost like this. I drove him to his residence and he was happy to be home. No need for further assistance and all patrols cleared. 



12/03/14: Keith Road. Very suspicious behavior. Please call us right away.If possible without risking your safety, try and get us a license plate. See report below. Lt. Kmetz

I responded to the above address for a report of suspicious activity. I spoke to the caller who stated that a male and a female came to her front door. They asked if she spoke Spanish. She told them no and then they asked if she knew any Spanish speaking people in the area. She described the male as about 6 foot wearing a black trench coat. She stated that there was another male sitting in the front passenger seat. She thought about it for a while and called the police an hour later. I advised her to call right away when something seems suspicious. I told her to go with her gut feeling. I checked the area for the vehicle she described, a dark gray 4 door car. She did not get a plate or make of the vehicle. I was unable to locate the vehicle. Caller stated that she would call if she saw the vehicle again.


11/25/14: 24- year old son passes from cancer after a 3 year battle. The mother said she was with him when he took his last breath at 0715 hours and she called the police shortly after.

In two days it is Thanksgiving.  It is the time to be with family and give thanks to all that we have.  This family will give thanks to the time they had with their loved one.  We do not know when someone close will leave us.  I hope that everyone will be together with their family (here and those who have gone home) and we remember what Thanksgiving is about. Be safe, please do not drink and drive and Enjoy your Thanksgiving.   Lt. Kmetz


This officer responded to the High School for an active fire alarm.  Upon arrival the school was already evacuated.  The fire started in room B-6 while the science teacher had students sterilizing thermometers with rubbing alcohol.  The alcohol ignited and some paper caught fire.  The fire was put out by a student with a fire extinguisher.  This student was with the nurse and had a burn to his right hand.  His mother was notified by the school and taken by her to get the injury checked.
The fire department arrived and ventilated the building.  The students were brought back in.  Room B-6 will be closed to students until the room is cleaned.
Report altered by Lt. Kmetz for the Press release. Juvenile information redacted.


Thank you neighbors for keeping an eye out in your community. Though it was found that they were supposed to be there lets not assume.  Lt. Kmetz

I responded to  Ford Ave on a report of trucks and men inside an abandoned house.  On arrival I spoke with the men who work for Homeshield.  They advised me that they were hired to clean out the house and provided me with a work order.


Patrol responded to the area of 16 Washington Trail for a report of a suspicious silver vehicle that keeps parking in the roadway. The driver then pretends to change a tire. The caller stated that this vehicle has done this twice so far this morning. The only description of the vehicle was a small silver car.

Patrol checked the area with negative contact. I will check the neighborhood throughout the shift checking for this suspicious vehicle.

This is suspicious. Neighbors of Washington Trail If you see this please get us a license plate number.  And while I am on that issue, if you see any suspicious vehicle ONLY IF IT IS SAFE FOR YOU, please get us a plate number.  Thanks, Lt. Kmetz


11/20/14 19:57. Officer Sadowski:

I responded with the fire department to a brush fire. Upon my arrival the fire department was already on scene and had the fire extinguished. It appears that a passing vehicle may have flipped a cigarette out the window which ignited the leaves. Once the fire was extinguished all units left the scene.

It is no less than a $200.00 fine for throwing a cigarette out the window, Please keep your butts in the car. Lt. Kmetz



Caller Id says IRS = SCAM:
The criminals use an app that makes their phone number show up as the IRS. Just one way to get someone to think that it is really the IRS. 

We have been getting numerous complaints from residents that the IRS is calling them. The criminal says that if the person doesn't pay they are going to be arrested. It is a scam.

Next Thursday when you are sitting down with Grandma and Grandpa for Thanksgiving tell them about these scams. Either you will get a laugh out of what they tell these scammer's or you will educate them. (Actually that would be funny to have a list of what some seniors say to these scammers. I have spoken to seniors many times and they have no problem speaking their minds). Lt. Kmetz







 DATE: 11/21/14           CASE:14-13555  

TIME: 12:29

LOCATION: Rollins Trail




WHERE DID IT START: in the woods


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: A homeowner took hot ashes from their fireplace and placed them into the woods.  It started a brush fire. While waiting for the Fire Department Officer Mancuso and Officer Kern tried to rake leaves away causing a bare area to stop the spread of the fire. The fire had the help of a stiff wind and when it hit old Christmas trees that were dumped there, the fire grew too big.  The Hopatcong Fire Department arrived and put the fire out.

I asked Hopatcong Fire marshal Richard Cook what to do with hot ashes.  He advised to put them into a metal bucket and either hold them for a minimum of 24 hours before dumping them or sprinkle them out and douse them with water.  Last year we posted a fire when a person put ashes that they thought were out into a plastic bucket.  That is no good.  You must use a metal bucket like the picture shows. 

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 11/16/14                     CASE:14-13331


ROADWAY: Dartmouth Trail



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Dartmouth Trail Hopatcong

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Kraus

REASON FOR THE STOP: Called to a dispute and the accused vehicle was stuck on logs


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: Dwi, Refusal to submit to breath test, Reckless driving and unlicensed driver

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kraus responded to a home on Dartmouth Trail for a dispute.  When he arrived he found Ly trying to remove wood from under his car that he backed over.  The car was still in gear and running.  Ly was arrested for the dispute and brought to headquarters.  There he was given Field Sobriety Tests and failed.  Ly was argumentative and refused to give his breath samples.  He was charged and later brought to the Sussex County Jail on $1,000.00 bail for charges stemming from the dispute.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)





DATE: 11/6/14 And 11/17/14            CASE:14-11356

TIME: Various

LOCATION: See narrative

WHAT WAS TAKEN: Visa credit card was used fraudulently via Amazon

VALUED AT: $59.99, $31.99 and $79.05

OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Ptl. Bianculli and Det. Tracey

NAME OF ACCUSED: Wallace Krake

ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Vail Road Landing or Netcong Heights Apartments



CHARGES: 3 counts of 3rd degree Fraudulent use of a credit card, 3 counts of 3rd degree intent to defraud, one count of  3rd degree theft of a credit card, one count of 4th degree identity theft and one count of DP resisting arrest

WAS BAIL SOUGHT: Yes, $16,000.00

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: On 11/06/14 a victim came into headquarters to report someone used her credit card to buy items on Amazon.com.  She called Amazon. All they gave her was a name Wallace.  She believed it was her ex-boyfriend Wallace Krake.  Officer Bianculli spoke to Det. Sutphen who recently arrested Krake for burglary to a residence in Hopatcong. That was case 14-11103. Officer Bianculli tried to contact Wallace several times but Wallace would not return the phone calls.  Officer Bianculli wrote to Amazon to get the information. He found that Wallace Krake bought an Xenon colored headlight conversion kit, LED tail lamp, and 7 color LED glow underbody neon lights kit on three separate transactions. Officer Bianculli called for a warrant for Krake's arrest. Judge Bowkley authorized the warrant with $16,000.00 bail.  Detective Tracey and Officer Bianculli began looking for Krake.  After several attempts they found his vehicle at the Netcong Heights apartments. The parts ordered from Amazon were on the car. Det. Tracey, Officer Bainculli and an Officer from Netcong went to different apartments until they found Krake.  The Officers entered the apartment with the arrest warrant and tried to arrest Krake. Krake resisted and said he was not going anywhere.  Krake would not give the Officers his hands.  A knife was taken from Krakes pocket by Officer Bianculli during the struggle to handcuff him. Krake was screaming that he was not going to be arrested. Officer Tracey assisted and punched Krake on the left side of his face two times. The officers were then able to handcuff him.  Later Krake apologized to Det. Tracey.  He stated that he has extreme anger issues and sees red when he fights with the police. Krake further stated that if he would have got free that would have been the end for the officers.  Krake complained of chest pains while at the Hopatcong Police Department. He was transported to Newton Hospital, checked out and released.  He was then taken to the Sussex County Jail.  The parts that he put on his car using the stolen credit card are going to be removed.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 11/15/14                     CASE:14-13289


ROADWAY: Flora Ave



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Brown Trail Hopatcong

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Bianculli

REASON FOR THE STOP: Failure to keep right


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Reckless Driving, and Failure to Maintain Lane

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Bianculli was behind Meola's vehicle when he saw it going over the double yellow lines and driving onto the sidewalk.  He stopped the vehicle on Wills Ave.  Meola told the officer that he did not have anything to drink. Meola was given Field Sobriety Test and failed. He was taken to headquarters and given the Alcotest.  He was charged. Meola was later released.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)





DATE: 11/15/14             CASE:14-13279

TIME: 15:00

LOCATION: 711 Brooklyn Mtn Road

WHAT WAS TAKEN: A radon fan

VALUED AT: $150.00


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Between 11/14-11/15 someone removed the victim's radon fan and cut the wires.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Maresca at (973) 398-5000.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 11/15/14                     CASE:14-13265


ROADWAY: Lakeside Blvd



ACCUSED LIVES IN: McPeek Road Lafayette

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Kraus

REASON FOR THE STOP: Failure to keep right


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Failure to Keep Right and Reckless Driving

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kraus saw a vehicle in front of him going over the double yellow and the shoulder lines.  He stopped the vehicle and found that the driver who was Gaven had been drinking alcohol.  Gaven had high heel boots on and took them off to do the Field Sobriety Tests.  She still failed and was arrested for DWI.  She was taken to headquarters and given the Alcotest.  She was charged and later released to a friend.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)






DATE: 11/13/14             CASE:14-13171

TIME: Between 17:45 and 0800

LOCATION: 239 Knox Way

WHAT WAS TAKEN: 12 sheets of 3/4 inch "dry ply" plywood and 20 sheets of 5/8 inch roofing plywood sheets

VALUED AT: $896.00


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: The home is currently under construction. A person who rents the home was there all night with his dog. His dog usually barks but he did not hear anything. When he woke up he found the plywood gone.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Janosko at (973) 398-5000. 

If kids built tree forts anymore I would ask residents to look for a new one constructed in the woods nearby.  The thief might be selling the wood cheap or try and return it to a local store.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)






DATE: 11/12/14                     CASE:14-13159


ROADWAY: 735 Lakeside Ave



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Brady Road Lake Hopatcong

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Cirri

REASON FOR THE STOP: He drove off an embankment


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Reckless Driving, Failure to Maintain Lane and Open Container in a motor vehicle

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Cirri responded to a report of a vehicle that drove off of a 40 foot embankment.  When he arrived he found the driver Arnt Walaas who stated he was okay.  Officer Cirri saw open beer cans and an open vodka bottle by the vehicle.  The driver had been drinking. Officer Cirri arrested Walaas for DWI.  He was taken to the Police Department and given the Alcotest. He was charged and later released to a family member.   

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)



GOOD JOB NEIGHBOR. I am proud that the residents of Hopatcong take the time to call in suspicious behavior. Please keep being the eyes and ears for your police department. Lt. Kmetz (reported changed for press release by Lt. Kmetz)

On November 19, 2014 Sgt. Wojtach, Officer Kern, and I responded to  Rollins Trail on a report of a burglary in progress. Upon arrival I noticed a light on in the kitchen area but when I got out of my vehicle the light was off. As I went around to the back of the house to see if anyone broke in, the homeowner came out of the front door. He spoke to Sgt. Wojtach and Officer Kern who were in the front of the house.  He stated he locked himself out of his house, and needed to break in. He was using a flashlight to get around the backyard and into his house. He was very happy that the neighbor called this into the police as he was breaking into his house. He was fine and needed no further assistance. No further police action taken, and we cleared.


When a person takes their own life it is devastating to their family and friends. Do not assume it is all talk only to realize that they have been screaming for help but no one was listening.  Lt. Kmetz

Please be aware of friends and loved ones depressed. Especially now that the Holidays are coming.

At 1:57 am a person called us to say that he is worried about his friend.  This friend said he was going into the woods to hang himself.

When patrols arrived at the victims home they found him in his driveway very upset.  The victim stated that he has been very depressed for a month.  He attempted to hang himself from a tree but the knot did not hold and he fell to the ground.

Because of the friend that called, patrols were able to get him to the right people that could help him.

I have been on many suicides. Time and time again family and friends did not see the warning signs until it was too late.  If someone you know is talking about suicide you need to act. If they are giving their belongings away for no reason then that should raise your suspicion. If they are suddenly very withdrawn and depressed it is time to try and get them to talk to someone.

 Pay attention if they are dropping hints such as: "Soon everything will be fine" "It will all be over soon enough" "I cannot wait until I get out of here" "No one will care when I go" Phrases such as these can easily be blown off as just temporary emotions or someone just having a bad day.  Do not assume.  Dig deeper. Sit and talk to them



DATE: 11/6/14 CASE:14-12880
TIME: 11:47
LOCATION: David Road
VALUED AT: $50.00
OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Ptl. Schultz, Ptl. Sadowski and Ptl. Mancuso
NAME OF ACCUSED: Two juveniles
AGE OF ACCUSED: 16 and 13
CHARGES: Burglary and Theft
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Schultz responded to David Road on a report of a theft. The victim stated he has an ice cream truck parked there. He received a text message alarm that someone opened the door to his ice cream truck. When he arrived home he looked at the surveillance video. He saw two young males taking 6 assorted cases (24 bars) of ice cream.
As the officers were waiting for the video to be burned for them one of the juveniles came in to turn himself in. After a brief investigation both juvenile males were spoken to and cooperated. They were walking down David Road and saw the ice cream truck. One of them unplugged it so that the ice cream would melt. He noticed that the latch to the ice cream truck was not locked. The two entered the truck and stole the ice cream. They ate some of the ice cream and threw the rest away. A third male was there but did not take part in the burglary. The two were charged on juvenile complaints with Burglary and Theft. They were released to their parents. 
The picture of the ice cream cones are not the stolen ice cream. They are only to be used as a visual to make you drool. 
Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000
(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


We just had a case where a daughter was videoed doing something at a party that no parent would want to see on the internet. Yep, it was filmed by another person and put on the internet for the world to see. Please take some time and talk to your teen about cell phone cameras and videos. 

They will tell you "Of course mom I know that already", roll their eyes at you and make a hissing sound as they try and walk away. But it is our jobs to keep them safe and healthy and sometimes us being a pain in their butt is what it takes (if we are lucky). Lt. Kmetz


Patrols responded to the area of 139 Bell Ave. for a sick raccoon. Upon arrival, the raccoon was located and clearly not healthy. Ptl Mancuso held the animal with the snare while I fired one round to dispatch the raccoon. Sgt. Antonello was notified of the same. The raccoon was then brought to the Hopatcong Pound to store it for future testing by the ACO. No further action required.


Patrol responded for a report of a buck and a doe in her yard that refused to leave. Patrol responded and got the deer to leave the property, no further action at this time.

It is RUT. That means the bucks have lost their minds and can only think about one thing. You got it. mating. Be extra careful driving. The bucks are chasing the does and you are more apt to run into one running across the road. Lt. Kmetz



  11/05/2014 Sgt. O'Shea, Ptl Sadowski and I responded to Chincopee Ave for a report of a missing elderly female. Upon arrival I spoke to the complainant who explained how his 79 year old mother suffered from Dementia and Alzheimer. She lives in the house by herself. She has a home care nurse at the house three times a week and he checks on her several times a week. Today, he went to the house after work and his mother was gone. After speaking to the nurse who was at the house earlier today, it appeared his mother has been missing for about two hours.  This was not the first time his mother was reported missing.

While obtaining the mother's information, Ptl. Sadowski located the mother walking down the street from the house. She stated she was walking to the bridge so she can go to the water and get a drink. She was returned to her son. He advised us he was in the process of finding her a senior citizen home.

If you live in Sussex County and have a loved one like this the Sheriff’s Department has project lifesaver. Your loved one can be tracked when they wonder off. See the information below.

Report changed by Lt. Kmetz for press release



By now you should be able to fill in the rest:

November 6, 2014
A complainant came into Police Headquarters to report that his parents have been receiving phone calls from Publishers Clearing House, stating that they won 2 million dollars. The caller Mike, tells his parents that they have to send a $290.00 money order to him so that he can send them the check. (Here is where you yell out "NOOOOOOOOOOO its a scam") Good Job. Spread the word to our elders. Lt. Kmetz


3 males emptying a house into a U-haul truck. Suspicious? Would you call it in? Or is it "None of your business"? 

This time on Madison Trail it was workers hired by the bank to empty a foreclosure. Thank You to the neighbor that called. Make the call and keep the criminals out of Hopatcong. Lt. Kmetz




At 10:22 this morning a 68 year old male was on a ladder to paint the front of his home. He was found on the ground next to the fallen ladder laying in the gallon of paint. He sustained a laceration to his head and his leg when he fell approximately 12 feet onto the black top driveway. There was a large amount of blood loss. It was not known how long he was on the ground nor if he lost consciousness. He could not immediately answer questions as to his name, what day it is (etc). EMT/Police Officer Robert Haffner made the call to have the helicopter fly out the patient. The last information I have is that they were flying to Morristown Hospital. His condition is unknown at this time. Lt. Kmetz


DATE: 11/01/14  CASE: 14-12659
TIME: 16:19
WHERE IT HAPPENED: Johnny's Marina parking lot
ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Marne Road Hopatcong
CHARGES: Obstruction, Resisting Arrest
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Maresca responded to the parking lot of Johnny's Marina for a report of a person chasing a car.  When Officer Maresca arrived he found a male later identified as Dasean Sears throwing tree climbing equipment from the back of his truck onto the parking lot.  Officer Maresca asked Sears what was going on but Sears would not answer.  Sears walked very fast from the back of his truck to the open driver’s door. He was ordered to stop but kept going.  Sears reached into the center console of his vehicle.  Officer Maresca again ordered him to stop and to show him his hands.  Again Sears did not comply and continued to do something inside of the vehicle.  Officer Maresca physically took Sears to the ground for his safety.  After being handcuffed Officer Maresca asked him what his problem was and Sears told him he is having a bad day. 

It was found that Sears was on Ithanell Road having an argument with his girlfriend over a belt buckle which did not fit properly. This made Sean "go off".  He picked up a rock and threw it at his own truck. He then sped away and drove to Johnny's Marina where Officer Maresca found him.

Sears was arrested and taken to headquarters.  He calmed down and explained that he has bad days like these.  Officer Maresca took him to Newton Hospital to talk to a counselor about his anger.
It cannot be stressed enough that you must do what a Police Officer directs you to do. From a Police Officers eyes Sears was going into his center console to get a gun. We MUST think like this. If not when it does happen we are not ready and we die.
Sears must answer for his actions in court but on the other hand we want him to get help. This situation could have ended tragically. Hopefully Mr. Sears gets the help needed.
Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000
(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)






DATE: 10/22/14                 CASE:14-12234

TIME: 20:58

LOCATION: Beacon Road

OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Sgt. Magrini, Det. Sutphen

NAME OF ACCUSED: Barry Winbush




CHARGES: Possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose 3rd degree  and Harassment a pdp.


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officers responded to Beacon Road on a disturbance in the street. When Sgt. Magrini arrived he found Barry Winbush in the street with a 3 foot wooden pole.  He ordered Winbush to drop the stick. Winbush did not drop it and turned towards Sgt. Magrini.  Sgt. Magrini then drew his service weapon and again ordered Winbush to drop the stick.  Winbush then complied.  Winbush was told to lay on the ground but only went onto his knees.  He was placed onto the ground with the help of Det. Sutphen.  Winbush sustained a small scratch by his left eyebrow from being put onto the pavement. He was handcuffed and placed in the patrol car.  The wooden pole was taken as evidence. The officers found that Winbush was mad at a neighbor who had friends over.  One of those friends parked a car in front of Winbush's house.  Winbush said that he got mad  because he is tired of dealing with these neighbors. He was going to confront the neighbor.  He only grabbed the stick for his protection and was not going to hit anyone with it. The neighbor stated Winbush did not threaten anyone with the stick but was yelling that he was going to smash the car window. Another neighbor who saw and heard Winbush stated the same. Winbush was taken to headquarters, charged and later released.


We are only a phone call away.  If the accused simply called the police rather than grab a weapon and threaten to break the windshield he would not have been arrested and now have to go to court.


Here is how to properly deal with bad neighbors (We are not saying that these neighbors were bad):

1) Go talk to them. (without a weapon, as a friendly neighbor). Tell them what they are doing to make your life miserable

2) Some neighbors will comply. Others will not. If they disturb your peace again call the police. We will go over and talk to them. 

3) Sometimes us going there will help.  Sometimes they just do not care

4) After we talk to them and it doesn't stop, try and get a recording for evidence.

5) File a complaint in court. You have a right to sign complaints against someone who is constantly disturbing you.

6) Get the Officers report through OPRA (Open Public Records Act) by coming to the Police Department and talking ot our records clerk

7) You will go to the community dispute board before going to a trial. Bring your report and evidence. Most situations are worked out there

8) If it happens again call the police and file another charge

9) Go to trial. If they are found guilty they get fined

10) If it continues, repeat steps 8 and 9 until they comply or you get so fed up you move.


Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


From: NJLINCS Health Alert Network [mailto:NJLINCS-HAN@njlincs.net] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2014 12:21 PM
Subject: Public Health Alert: Governor Christie Activates Statewide Ebola Preparedness Plan
Importance: High

We are passing this on as asked in the second to last paragraph on the bottom. Lt. Kmetz

NJLINCS Health Alert Network
Public Health Alert
Distributed by the New Jersey Department of Health

Subject: Governor Christie Activates Statewide Ebola Preparedness Plan
Date: 10/22/2014; 12:21:11
Message#: 102775-10-22-2014-PHAL
Contact Info: Thomas Slater, DOH
Phone: 609-984-7160; Email: thomas.slater@doh.state.nj.us
Donna Leusner, DOH
Phone: 609-984-7160; Email: donna.leusner@doh.state.nj.us
Attachments: None

Governor Christie Activates Statewide Ebola Preparedness Plan

Ebola Virus Disease Joint Response Team to Execute Plan and Coordinate in Real Time

Governor Christie signed Executive Order 164 creating the Ebola Virus Disease Joint Response Team (EVD-JRT) that will direct and coordinate on all matters pertaining to New Jersey's public health response. Christie administration officials, state agencies and departments will work in a coordinated manner to ensure the health and safety of New Jersey residents is protected and to execute on decisions in an efficient and effective manner. The EVD-JRT will also form an advisory panel of additional administration entities, as well as representatives from the medical community. 


This multiple-agency team will ensure responses to Ebola issues are in place. Departments include: 

• Department of Health

• Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness

• Office of the Attorney General

• Department of Human Services

• New Jersey State Police

• Department of Education

The EVD-JRT will coordinate with federal and state partners, in addition to other state agencies:

• Department of Children and Families

• Department of Environmental Protection

• Department of Transportation

• New Jersey Transit

• Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Newark Liberty International Airport On the Ground Staffing and Coordination of Next Steps:

• Beginning on October 16th an active screening at Newark Liberty International Airport was implemented for passengers who had begun their travel in an affected West African country. OHSP is working with Customs Border Patrol (CBP) to document the number of passengers screened per incoming flight. This screening includes: 

o Temperature checks

o Visual inspection for symptoms

o History of risk of exposure 

• State officials are currently deployed at Newark Liberty International Airport for real time information and decision making:

o The Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) is leading coordination efforts with Newark Liberty International Airport for passengers identified for enhanced screening. 

o The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is providing legal staff as necessary on site at Newark Liberty International Airport to provide counsel to OHSP and assist, as needed, relative to coordination with our federal partners in undertaking any action by a State agency that may be required, including quarantining. 

o Department of Health (DOH) epidemiologists and physicians are in regular communication with the CDC officials at the airport and responding hospitals to collaborate on management of passenger evaluation and follow up protocols.

• If CDC advises DOH of a traveler who is asymptomatic but has some or high risk of exposure, DOH will determine whether that traveler will be subject to State quarantine. 

o At that point, DOH will advise local health officials and OHSP and OAG will coordinate to meet the traveler, serve him/her with the quarantine order and assist.

o Symptomatic travelers will be immediately transferred to one of three designated New Jersey hospitals under CBP escort. 

Providing Safe Housing and Transportation After Screening At Newark Liberty International Airport:

• The Department of Human Services (DHS) has made temporary housing arrangements for asymptomatic, at-risk individuals who are non-New Jersey residents, but who are in transit to other domestic destinations upon arrival at Newark Liberty International Airport.

o Individuals who will be sheltered are those who arrive in Newark from West Africa and who DOH determines, after being evaluated by the CBP and CDC, are to be quarantined.

• DHS has arranged for the transportation of asymptomatic at-risk individuals to either a State temporary housing arrangement or an individual's home, depending on whether the individual is a New Jersey resident or not. DHS is working to coordinate access to language translators for non-English speaking visitors. 

o NJ State Police will provide escorts of transported persons from Newark Liberty International Airport to quarantine locations and security details related to quarantine locations.

o Individuals who are asymptomatic, but at-risk and live within a 100 mile radius of Newark Liberty International Airport will be transported with an escort to their home.

• The Department of Children and Families (DCF) has prepared guidance for screeners who identify a parent or caregiver exhibiting Ebola symptoms. 

o DCF is identifying resource home caretakers who are willing and able to accommodate children who may require placement in the event a parent or caretaker must be hospitalized or separately quarantined. 

Ensuring New Jersey Hospitals Undergo Training, Drills and Establish Protocols: 

• Governor Christie has designated three hospitals to treat potential patients with Ebola. These hospitals will be supported by the Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Technical Assistance Teams with onsite visits, training and ongoing technical support.

o University Hospital in Newark

o Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick 

o Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack

DOH directed the CEOs of New Jersey's hospitals overseeing all acute care hospitals to conduct drills to test Emergency Department processes for promptly identifying and isolating suspected Ebola patients. These hospitals completed their drills prior to October 17. 

o NJ hospital systems have been tested with over a dozen "false alarms" that have occurred with individuals presenting to hospitals with symptoms or travel history.

o NJ Hospital Association (NJHA) is surveying all hospitals conducting these drills and collecting data that is being shared with DOH in order to prioritize additional training needs.

o The Rutgers University School of Public Health is training key health educators statewide about the prevention of occupational exposure to the Ebola virus. 

o Commissioner Mary O'Dowd has held briefing calls for 738 hospital officials, county and local health department and EMS leaders.

• DOH is coordinating with local health departments to assess readiness for management of suspected Ebola cases, including establishing protocols around local isolation and quarantine of individuals as well as the disposal and transportation of regulated medical waste. 

• DOH is working with the CDC to prepare New Jersey state lab to test Ebola samples. In preparation, NJSP Hazardous Materials Unit has developed protocols with the DOH for the handling and delivery of blood samples. The Department of Environmental Projection (DEP) is working with contractors to establish a removal and disposal protocol for infected debris and waste handling. 

Ensuring Emergency Responders, Hospital and Healthcare Workers Are Appropriately Trained and Equipped: 

• DOH issued guidance to 911 dispatch centers to ensure individuals who exhibit signs/symptoms of possible Ebola are screened to protect first responders. First responders have received updated guidance and will have access to the Rutgers education sessions for additional opportunities.

• NJ State Police has refreshed existing stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) carried in trooper vehicles and are training troopers on protocols for dealing with potentially exposed individuals.

• The Department of Health ordered nearly $1 million in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use by hospitals and health care workers and the state has pre-positioned its existing stockpile of PPE to be at the ready if needed.

• All Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) officers assigned to the Port have undergone blood borne pathogen training and have been issued reinforced Tyvek suits. 

Activating Safeguards to Protect Heath of New Jersey Commuters: 

• NJ TRANSIT employees are trained in incident response, management of blood borne pathogens including Ebola and the management of hazardous materials in compliance with federal and state guidelines. 

• NJ TRANSIT formed an internal task force that includes staff from its Medical, Office of Emergency Management, Environmental, Safety, Communications departments and all of the operating lines.

• Open lines of communications have been established with major transit agencies across the country as well as local public health and safety organizations.

• All members of the NJ TRANSIT Police Department are equipped with personal protective gear and are trained in emergency and hazmat response.

Creating Protocols and Training for New Jersey Schools and Universities:

• Department of Education (DOE) is hosting a webinar for school nurses reviewing the signs and symptoms of Ebola, management of symptomatic individuals and coordination with local and state officials regarding symptomatic individuals. 

• DOE is including updates on Ebola as part of their weekly broadcasts with all chief school administrators and superintendents. 

• DOE is putting in place emergency preparedness guidelines should there be a need to close schools or quarantine groups of students if there are symptomatic individuals. 

Triggering Statewide, Continuous Communications Network:

• DOH has been providing ongoing updates and guidance to local health officials related to public education, symptom monitoring and the role and responsibilities of public health officials.

• OHSP is coordinating the development of a State Ebola Response Plan which will be an annex to the State Emergency Operations Plan and State Pandemic Response Plan. 

• Messages from the Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) are being sent to law enforcement partners on "Ebola Situational Awareness and Recommendations." 

• Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the ROIC have established notification protocols for state executive leadership upon learning of a suspected Ebola case at Newark Liberty International Airport.

• NJ State Police has developed protocols with Customs and Border Patrol to share information on incoming flights.

• Port Authority is working with Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Coast Guard who have implemented measures to monitor the arrival of vessels who either have crew members from West African countries or have visited ports in West African countries. 

• To support Liberian Communities in New Jersey, DOH has distributed information to help educate friends and families returning from West Africa and have attended community meetings with concerned community-based organizations throughout the state.

This information has been distributed to: DOH Senior Staff; DOH Staff; LINCS Health Officers; LINCS Health Officer Assistants; LINCS Coordinators; LINCS Coordinator Backups; LINCS Epidemiologists; LINCS Health Educators; LINCS Health Planners; LINCS IT Specialists; LINCS Partnership Coordinators; LINCS Public Health Nurses; LINCS Regional Health Planners; LINCS Team Members; LINCS CD Investigators; LINCS REHS; LOCAL Health Officers; LOCAL Public Health; LOCAL CD Investigators; LOCAL Health Educators; LOCAL Public Health Nurses; LOCAL REHS; LOCAL Epidemiologists; Medical Coordination Center Staff; Animal Health Organizations; Business & Industry Leaders; Coalitions - ESC; Emergency Medical Services Organizations; Food Safety Organizations; Govt Public Health Partnerships; Health Care Organizations; Healthcare Assns EP Contacts; Healthcare Coalitions; Hospital CEOs; Hospital Infection Control Practitioners; Hospitals / Veterans; Occupational Health Organizations; Public Health Associations; Public Health Council; State & Federal Government Leaders

Further distribution of this message should be directed to: Community Organizations; Day Care Centers / Preschools; Educational Institutions; Local & County Government; Local Businesses; Local Media; Recreational Facilities; State & Federal Government Facilities; Transportation; Utilities; Animal Health Professionals; Community Health Centers (FQHCs); Emergency Medical Services / First Responders; Health Care Facilities / Other; Health Care Providers; Hospital CEOs; Hospital Emerg Preparedness Coords; Hospital ER Medical Directors; Hospital Infection Control Practitioners; Hospital Medical Directors; Hospital Nursing Directors; Hospital Security Directors; Hospitals / Other; Labs / Non-Sentinel; Labs / Sentinel; Pharmaceutical Suppliers; Local Boards of Health; and other partners in your region, as appropriate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use reply feature of your email system. If you have questions about the content of this email or any of its attachments, please call your County/City LINCS agency for assistance. LINCS agencies are instructed to contact the individual listed in message above or on the attachment for questions concerning content.



WOOOOOOHOOOO One scammer will not be getting his $400.00 Thanks to Rite Aid Manager Jeff Ledford:

A woman received a phone call from "JCP&L" who told her that her business did not pay the electric bill and their electricity will be shut off. She was told to go get a Green Dot MoneyPak for $400.00, scratch off the numbers, call him back and read him those numbers.

The manager of the Hopatcong Rite Aid asked the customer what the money was for and she told him. He advised her of this popular scam. She did not get the Green scam moneypak and she did not lose her money. If you go into the Hopatcong Rite Aid please be sure to tell them thank you in helping stop these thieves.

Now I KNOW some people get offended when asked, Why are you getting a Green Dot Money Pak or sending money Western Union? It is America. We are free to do what we want and send money to who we want. Yes that is true and you can simply say, "Thank you sir, I know who this is going to and it isn't a scam". But make sure IT ISN'T A SCAM. This woman was not a senior citizen. She was tired and had a mix up with the real JCP&L in the past. She was not in the "SCAM" frame of mind that I want all of you to always be in. If manager Jeff Ledford did not say anything a criminal would be $400.00 richer. Thanks Jeff. Lt. Kmetz


Possible rabid raccoons:

On 10/17/14 at 16:34 Officer Kern responded to the 100 block of Brown Trail for a sick raccoon. Officer Kern located the animal in the backyard. The raccoon was rolling on its back and walking in circles. The resident advised the officer that 2-3 nights prior he was drinking a beer on his front steps and a raccoon jumped on his lap. Officer Kern shot the raccoon. The deceased raccoon was given to our animal control officer. She took it to be tested for rabies. That test has not come back yet.

On 10/21/14 at 10:08 Officer Cirri and Sgt. Wojtach responded to the 100 block of Randolph Ave for two sick raccoon's. One charged Officer Cirri. Both raccoon's were shot by the officers. The caller stated that there are at least 2 or 3 other raccoon's in the area that also seem to be sick. That investigation was turned over to our Animal Control Officer. 

If you "may" have come into contact with the saliva from a rabid animal you need to seek medical treatment. If you do have rabies and catch it quickly you can survive. If you do not get it treated you can die. Here is a FAQ page on rabies. Lt. Kmetz







DATE: 10/12/14                     CASE: 14-11814

TIME: 00:12

WHERE IT HAPPENED: Coolidge Trail and Roosevelt Trail

NAME OF ACCUSED: Nicholas Loiacono


ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Winchester Ave Budd Lake

OFFICER (S) INVESTIGATING:Ptl. Mancuso, Ptl. Maresca and Ptl. Janosko

CHARGES: 2 counts of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, lewdness and being under the influence of alcohol under age


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer's responded to a home on Coolidge Trail for a report of a shirtless male breaking a fence on the property. Another call came in on Roosevelt Trail of a nude male trying to break into a home.  The officers responded to Roosevelt and found two friends of Nicholas Loiacono holding him down.  They told the officers that Loiacone is intoxicated and out of control.  They were walking to a party on Coolidge Trail when Loiacone blacked out and went crazy.  He started to fight with his friends, ran to a home on Coolidge and started to break the fence. He then ran into the woods towards Roosevelt. They saw Loiancone at the front door of a home on Roosevelt. They pulled him away from the front door and pinned him down until the officers arrived.  The woman who was in the home on Roosevelt saw Loiacone trying to get into her front door.  He broke through only her screen door trying to get inside. While outside he exposed himself to her. When the officers went to speak with Loiacono he jumped up and had to be taken back to the ground.  He resisted the officers while yelling about Army mission's codes and tactics. The friends told the officers Loiacono is in the Army.  Loiacono was arrested and taken to headquarters.  The Hopatcong EMT's were called.  Loiacono was cuffed by his hands and feet to the processing bench.  He was spitting on the floor and urinated himself.  He tried to lunge at the EMT's but couldn't because of the restraints.  A relative came and calmed Loiacono down.  He was later taken to Newton Mental Health by Hopatcong Police Officers.  Loiacono was later charged. At 19:05 he came into headquarters with a family member and was served his charges.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


Maxim Drive Road Closure:

This Thursday Maxim Drive will be closed for approximately 2 weeks from 8:30 am to 2:10 pm. Coming South you will be detoured up Dupont Ave. Coming North you will be detoured up Cresent to Dupont. (The traffic light at Hudson Maxim School). 

The Utility companies will be moving the poles and lines for the upcoming retention wall work between 263-265 Maxim Drive. The actual retention wall work is not going to be scheduled until the Summer of 2015. Lt. Kmetzspan style=



There are cardinal rules for firearm/bow and arrow safety. One of them is to know your target and beyond. 
On 10/11/14 a homeowner on Nariticong Ave found an arrow sticking out of the siding in the back of her home. Officer Cirri went to a home on Chincopee Ave where the arrow appeared to come from. A woman said her husband does shoot the bow but is away hunting. Officer Cirri called the husband who confirmed he was sighting in his bow and thought the arrow went into the ground. He stated he will not be shooting in the backyard anymore. The neighbors are friends. They will be settling the damage done to the siding.

Parents: Whether you shoot or not you should teach your children about firearm safety. They most likely will come across a firearm at some point in their life. You will not be there to yell, "Do not touch that". It cannot hurt to call a gun range and see if you can take your children for a day of instruction and shooting. They will learn how a gun is deadly and they will learn to respect it. They will shoot better than you and it can be a good bonding experience with you saying "yes, yes you beat daddy/mommy shooting." (I let my kids beat me shooting.....sometimes)
If you do have a firearm and make it that your children "CAN NEVER TOUCH THIS" it will only make them want to find it and handle it even more. I know of a case where a child wanted to use a pocket knife. It was forbidden. So the child found the knife and took it to school. Do you think the child would have done that if the parent showed the child how to properly use the pocket knife, taught him about the "blood circle," showed him how to whittle, taught him to respect the knife, and gave him rules to when and where he could use the knife? 
If you have firearms, Why not take them to the gun range? Have a trained instructor show them how to shoot and respect the gun. Teach them until they can tell you the cardinal rules of safety:
- Treat every gun as if loaded
- Know your target and beyond
- Do not point a weapon at anything that you do not intend to shoot
- Keep your finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot
Be safe. Lt. Kmetz


"Upon the first officer's arrival, the front door was discovered to be forced open. It appears that the actor(s)

went straight to the master bedroom, took the pillow cases off of the bed, and stole the above pictured

jewelry and jewelry holders, as well as a small blue men's "Big Skinny" wallet containing the owner's

credit cards, NJ driver's license, and $70 in cash".


Yesterday at the bottom of the "Burglary Arrest" press release I explained what every homeowner should be doing.  This morning while reading local crime reports I read the above report from a Morris County Police Department.


Protect yourself by removing all valuables from all bedrooms and hiding them where a burglar would not look. Time is of the essence for a burglar. They do not have time to look for your Jewelry.  Be creative and hide your Jewelry, passport, birth certificate, money, heirlooms, and valuables where a burglar would not look. Where is that?  Pretend to break into your home and go look in the most obvious places.  Now go hide your valuables in the most inconvenient places. If you want to ruin their day, leave some worthless costume Jewelry on your bedroom dresser.  They will be shocked at the pawn shop when they do not get a dime for what they thought would be enough money to score some heroin. Keep being the eyes and ears for your Police Department, Lt. Kmetz




DATE: 10/05/14             CASE:14-11551

TIME: 10:48

LOCATION: Richards Road


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Patrols responded to a burglary in progress on Richards Road. The caller stated that a male used a crowbar to enter the front door. Patrols found a male on the back deck.  It was found that this man was the landlord and was there to fix the front door for the tenant.

What could this have been?  How many of you would say, "That is none of my business?"   How many of you would call? Great job to the neighbor who took the time to call us.  Our burglaries are down.  It is working.  There are over 15,000 residents in Hoptcong. That is a large amount of eyes and ears for your Police Department. Criminals will know it is dangerous to break the law in Hopatcong.  The community looks out for each other. Great Job! 

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 10/03/14                     CASE: 14-11478

TIME: 18:53

WHERE IT HAPPENED: Zeek Way Hopatcong



ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Zeek Way Hopatcong


CHARGES: Obstruction


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: The officers went to a home on Zeek way after getting a transferred 911 call from Morris County. The Hopatcong Police Dispatcher was able to trace the 911 call to the home on Zeek Way.  When the officers arrived they met Daniel Smith.  They advised him that a female called 911 from that location.  Daniel lied and said that no one was home but him and the landlord who was upstairs. Sgt. O'Shea had dispatch call the woman back.  Meanwhile Sgt. O'Shea found Smith to be very nervous.  He asked Smith to allow him to go inside.  Smith said no.  A woman then came to the door from inside who was Shirley Sanchez age: 23.  She stated that she was the one who called 911.  She called because the two had an argument and she wanted to take a walk and cool off.  However, Smith would not leave her alone so she called 911. Smith reminded Sanchez that she has a warrant out of Hoboken for jumping a turnstile. This was confirmed by the officers with Hoboken Police.  Smith was arrested for lying to the officers.  Sanchez was arrested for the warrant.  Hoboken Police would not come and get her.  She was given a new court date.  Smith was charged and later released.


Lying to an officer will only make matters worse.  If Smith just went and got Sanchez Hoboken would not have come to get her and Smith would not be charged. They turned what would have been a 10 minute investigation into and arrest.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)



DATE: 09/25/14 CASE:14-11103
TIME: 20:56
LOCATION: Bonaparte Point Drive
IF THEFT WHAT AND VALUE: Diamonds and a check
NAME OF ACCUSED: Wallace Krake
CHARGES: Two counts of burglary, two counts of theft and one count of forgery
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officers responded to a home on Bonaparte Point Drive for a reported burglary. The victim stated that a check that she didn't write was cashed and it made her account overdrawn. She then noticed Jewelry was missing. Neighbors of the victim previously saw the victim’s handyman enter her home. The handyman was Wallace Krake who had a key to the home. He was not scheduled to do any work. Detective Sutphen interviewed Krake. It was found that Krake took the check and made it out to cash for $200.00. He also took diamonds from the victim’s bedroom dresser. Krake agreed to return the diamonds. He was processed, charged and later released. 
Everyone homeowner should think like a burglar and try to enter their home. Can you get in? How about that ladder you put next to your house so the burglar can use it to get to your unlocked upstairs windows? Now go inside and find your valuables. Is your jewelry, cash, birth certificate, passport etc. where every criminal will look? IE: Your bedroom drawers. Why not put it someplace where someone looking to get in, steal your stuff and get out quickly won’t think of looking? The Jewelry box and all dressers in the home are the first places they look. If you really want to mess with a burglar, go ahead and put a whole load of nice fake jewelry on your dresser. The criminal will think he/she just scored big time. They might even stop looking now that they got something they think is good. Okay, go hide your valuables before you are sidetracked by Facebook.


It is all in your mindset when you answer that phone call. Have the proper mindset when you do not know who the caller is. THINK SCAM. HANG UP!!!!!! (report altered by Lt. Kmetz)

a woman came to police headquarters in reference to a possible scam. She told me that she received a phone call from a company called KIP. A male advised they were looking for (redacted) who happens to be her son in law. The male told her that (redacted) owed the company money and they would suspend his drivers license if the matter was not resolved. The woman gave KIP her Santander ATM card number to withdraw $200.00 to satisfy the the matter. She thought the call was legitimate because KIP had provided (redacted) social security number. I advised her to contact Santander immediately to stop the transaction.



January: 5
February: 0
April: 5
May: 3
June: 4
July: 11
August: 2
September: 21 (16 of those since the story of the hiker being killed by a bear came out)

The Hopatcong Police Department would like to remind people that we have been living in bear country since the 1980's. For years we have been telling residents that if you see a bear(s) in your yard and the bear is not leaving, bang two pots through an open window (they do not like that noise) or use an air horn. If the bear leaves then we do not respond (Category 3 bear). 
We have officers trained in conditioning ONLY Category 2 bears. That conditioning includes using rubber buck shot and pyrotechnics. We have had to move along a few Category 2 bears over the years. We have never had to destroy a bear (Category 1) and we hope to keep it that way.
Hopatcong is surrounded by woods. It is up to our community to keep each other safe living with bears. We do this by:

Using certified bear-resistant garbage containers if possible. Otherwise, store all garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids and place them along the inside walls of your garage, or in the basement, a sturdy shed or other secure area.

Wash garbage containers frequently with a disinfectant solution to remove odors. Put out garbage on collection day, not the night before.
Avoid feeding birds when bears are active. If you choose to feed birds, do so during daylight hours only and bring feeders indoors at night. Suspend bird feeders from a free-hanging wire, making sure they are at least 10 feet off the ground. Clean up spilled seeds and shells daily.

Immediately remove all uneaten food and food bowls used by pets fed outdoors.

Clean outdoor grills and utensils to remove food and grease residue. Store grills securely.

Do not place meat or any sweet foods in compost piles.
Remove fruit or nuts that fall from trees in your yard.

If you encounter a bear remain calm and do not run. Make sure the bear has an escape route. Avoid direct eye contact, back up slowly and speak with a low, assertive voice. (Taken from DEP June 2014)

Please visit http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/bearfacts.htm for more information. Lt. Kmetz




DATE: 09/27/14                     CASE:14-11191


ROADWAY: Lakeside Blvd

NAME OF THE ACCUSED: Brandon Rodriguez



STOPPED BY: Ptl. Cirri

REASON FOR THE STOP: Tail light out


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: Underage DWI, Reckless Driving, and Maintenance of lamps

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Cirri saw a vehicle heading into town at a high rate of speed. He also noticed a light out on the back of the vehicle.  He stopped the driver (who was Rodriquez) at Quick Chek.  He learned that Rodriguez was 18-years old.  Rodriguez left a party in Hackettstown that was broken up by the police when a fight broke out.  He was trying to go to Stanhope but missed the turn.  Rodriguez had been drinking at this party.  He was given Field Sobriety Tests and failed.  He was arrested and later given the Alcotest.  He was charged under the DWI statute for underage. He was processed, charged and later released to a family member.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


When you are asked to send money by someone you do not know "Western Union" or "Green Dot Card" Think SCAM: 
(report altered for press release by Lt. Kmetz)

 A resident came into Police Headquarters to talk with an officer about an incident involving helping a friend sell a 2007 Yamaha 600, street bike.  The resident received a call from a man that wanted the bike, agreed on the price and asked Kayla to open a Paypal account. The resident opened the account and told the buyer that she opened the account.  The buyer, no name given then told her that he deposited the money in the Paypal account, but he deposited $1,100 to much. The buyer then asked her to send him the extra money via Western Union. (Whoaaaaaaa.  And there is the big red flag that just slapped you across your face).

The resident already felt uncomfortable with opening the Paypal account, told the guy that she did not want to deal with him anymore and closed the account. The individual got mad at her and told her that he was going to contact the FBI. The resident was concerned that she did something wrong.

When she tried to tell the individual that she no longer wanted to deal with him, he became very irate with her. The resident provided the phone number for the individual that she was dealing with. (925-587-2905). I tried contacting the phone number provided by her. The number was no longer in service.




DATE: 09/20/14 CASE: 14-10837
TIME: 17:21
WHERE IT HAPPENED: Winding Hill Road Hopatcong
VICTIM: No money was sent
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: A resident has his home for rent through a Realtor on Winding Hill Road. Someone found out the owners name and posted an ad on Craigslist to rent the home. A person answered the ad and was told to send the money to Nigeria. The criminal was using the owners name. This prospective renter thought that suspicious and drove to the home. There she saw a sign on the door that the owner wrote stating that the home is not for rent on Craigslist. There was another prospective renter who also looked at the home on 9/16/14 before the owner put the sign up. The ad on Craigslist has been removed. The owner has put an ad on Craigslist stating that he is not renting his house on this site.
You MUST do everything you can to ensure you are not being scammed these days. Yes it stinks. But this is the world we live in. Here the red flag which should have hit you right across your face is "to send the money to Nigeria". But what if it was California? Would you just think that the owner has moved there? See how easy it is to be scammed? It is all in your mindset at the time. ALWAYS THINK SCAM! Do your research. Never trust anyone. (Except for me of course).
Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000
(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 09/20/14                     CASE:14-10118


ROADWAY: Maxim Drive



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Overlook Drive Hackettstown


REASON FOR THE STOP: Failure to maintain lane


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Failure to maintain lane, Reckless Driving and Possession of an open alcoholic container in a vehicle

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kern saw a vehicle driven by Bobbi Marino going over the double yellow lines.  When he stopped her he found that she had been drinking alcohol. He also found a bottle of blackberry vodka that was partially consumed.  Marino was given Field Sobriety Tests and failed.  She was arrested, taken to headquarters given the Alcotest and charged. She was over twice the limit to drive.  She was processed and later released to a friend.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)






DATE: 09/19/14                 CASE:14-10798

TIME: 23:19

LOCATION: Brooklyn Stanhope Road

OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Ptl. Bianculli, Ptl. Kern

NAME OF ACCUSED: Two see narrative


AGE OF ACCUSED: See narrative


CHARGES: See narrative


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Bianculli followed a vehicle that had a brake light out and that drifted out of its lane.  He stopped the vehicle and could smell the odor of burnt marijuana from within the vehicle.  When Officer Kern arrived they spoke to the driver and the front seat passenger.  After a brief investigation the officers located in the vehicle; a pack of EZ-Wider rolling papers, a magic playing card box which contained a small yellow plastic bag of marijuana and an even smaller plastic bag of white powder that was shown to be cocaine on a field test kit.  Also in the vehicle were two pipes with burnt marijuana residue inside them.  Both the driver and front seat passenger were arrested. There was a 17-year old female paassenger who was not arrested.  The two arrested were:

- Driver: Austin Davidson of Mayfair Lane Andover  Age: 19 charged with Possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, Failure to keep right, Possession of CDS in a vehicle and a provisional drivers violation (You are a provisional driver until you go to DMV and have it removed no matter what age you are)

- Passenger: Anna Rossi of James Street Stanhope Age: 18  charged with possession of paraphernalia (the two pipes)

The juveniles mother came to the motor vehicle stop and picked up her daughter.  The other two were arrested, taken to headquarters, processed, charged and later released.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


Okay. The bike that was stolen was not stolen. When we got to the trail where the bike was, the off duty Sussex County Prosecutors Detective who called in that he found it was waiting for us. He told us that it was against the railing at the trail since yesterday morning. He then suggested that maybe the owner left it there. I called the victim and asked him where he last used his bike. Yep, it was at the trail we were at. After a long pause he stated, "I didn't leave my bike there did I?" 
We brought the bike back to headquarters where he came and picked it up.
It took one hour after posting the bike stolen on Facebook to get it back to the owner. "Eyes and ears for your police department". It works. Lt. Kmetz



On 09/18/14 at 14:55 Officers are watching a Mother bear and her two cubs by the back of the Dunkin Donuts by Durban Ave. (No donut jokes). (Yes you were). School has let out and we want to make sure no one gets between the mother and her cubs. 

Hopatcong is very familiar with bears. We first ran a bear awareness class around 10 years ago to explain the three categories of bears. For information on bears you can go on our website: www.hopatcongpolice.org and click on the "Bear Awareness" page.

If you do see a bear in your yard it is suggested you bang two pots together from an open window. They do not like the noise and should leave. DO NOT feed nor try to get close to them. (But Lt. Kmetz they are just so cute). They are wild animals that can out run you, out swim you, climb a tree faster than you and weigh up to 700lbs. If you want more information check out our webpage. Lt. Kmetz


THEFT (Stock photo, the actual bike is black. (But the bad guy could have painted it):

DATE: 09/17/14 CASE:14-10690
TIME: 09:00
LOCATION: Musconetcong Ave (up from Modick Park)
WHAT WAS TAKEN: Gary Fisher Mountain bike
VALUED AT: $800.00
ANY OTHER INFORMATION: A resident left his mountain bike in the back of his car while parked in his driveway. Someone took the bike out of his vehicle. The bike is black with white and red front shocks. The picture is a stock picture. Anyone seeing someone suspicious with a similar bike or anyone with information is asked to contact the Hopatcong Police Department at (973) 398-5000
Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000
(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 09/16/14                     CASE:14-10663


ROADWAY: River Styx Road



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Highway 46 Mine Hill

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Bianculli

REASON FOR THE STOP: The driver was parked on the side of the road asleep at the wheel


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Refusal to give breath samples and Reckless driving

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officers saw a vehicle parked on the side of River Styx road engine running with the headlights on. When they went to check on the driver who was Robert Misner they found him to be asleep behind the wheel.  They woke him up and found that he had been drinking alcohol.  He was given Field Sobriety Tests and failed.  He was arrested and taken to headquarters to take the Alcotest.  Misner refused. He was charged and later picked up by a family member.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)







DATE: 09/15/14                 CASE:14-10590

TIME: 22:49

LOCATION: River Styx Road

OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Ptl. Kern, Ptl. Bianculli

NAME OF ACCUSED: Two see narrative


AGE OF ACCUSED: See narrative


CHARGES: See narrative


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kern was traveling on River Styx Road when he saw a vehicle approach him that went over the double yellow lines.  He turned around and stopped this vehicle.  There were two occupants. They were:

- Travis Tinio of Squire Road Hopatcong Age: 22 who was the driver

- Joseph Gibney of Santa Clara Road Hopatcong Age: 20 who was the front seat passenger

After a brief investigation the officers found a bag of white powder that was in between the driver and passenger seats. It was tested and confirmed to be cocaine.  There was also two bags commonly used to package drugs in the vehicle.  Both Tinio and Gibney would not say who possessed the cocaine.  Both were arrested.  Gibney was charged with Possession of CDS 3rd degree.  Tinio was charged with Possession of CDS 3rd degree, Possession of CDS in a vehicle and Failure to maintain lane.  They were processed and later released. The photo on the left is Tinio. The photo on the right is Gibney.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 09/12/14                      CASE:14-10443


ROADWAY: Brooklyn Road



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Fay Ave Hopatcong


REASON FOR THE STOP: He ran off the road and almost hit the patrol car


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Refusal to take the breath test, Failure to maintain lane, DWI in a school zone and Reckless driving

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kern was parked at the entrance to the old Ridge Restaurant on Brooklyn Road.  He saw a vehicle traveling towards him. The vehicle went off of the roadway and almost struck his patrol car.  The vehicle went by Officer Kern and almost struck some trees.  When Officer Kern stopped the driver who was Jesse Hawkins he could tell that Hawkins had been drinking alcohol.  Hawkins was given Field Sobriety Tests and failed.  He was taken to Headquarters to be given the Alcotest.  Hawkins would not give samples of his breath.  He was charged and later released.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)




DATE: 09/11/14                     CASE:14-10432


ROADWAY: Hopatchung Road



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Shawnee Road Hopatcong


REASON FOR THE STOP: Headlight out


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Maintenance of lamps, Reckless driving Failure to change address and Failure to inspect

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kern stopped a vehicle for having a headlight out.  When he spoke to the driver he could see that the driver had been drinking alcohol.  After being given Field Sobriety Tests the driver who was Brian Horn was arrested for DWI.  He was taken to headquarters and given the alcotest.  He was found to be over three times the legal limit.  He was charged and later released to a friend.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


Good call by the resident. The male could have walked deeper into the woods and this could have ended in a bad way. Keep being the eyes and ears for your Police Department. Thank You. Lt. Kmetz
(report changed for the press release by Lt. Kmetz)

On September 14, 2014, Lt. Unhoch, and I responded to 221 Squaw Trail on a report of a male sitting across the street in the woods. Upon arrival we were met by a male who stated he went for a walk and does not know how he ended up where he was. The male was highly intoxicated and could not even remember what year it was. He did not know where he was or any other basic information. He also had a laceration on his left hand. Hopatcong EMS arrived on scene and transported him to Dover ER. for medical treatment. Patrols cleared at that time.


(Report altered by Lt. Kmetz for this release)

I responded  Lil Chester for a report of a fire in a bedroom. Upon arrival, I met with the homeowner who advised he had extinguished the fire. There was a moderate smoke condition inside I had the owners leave the residence. I learned a candle was placed to close to the wall which caused the fire. I went to the bedroom at that time and saw charring to the drywall.  I also observed a table below charring with the remnants of a candle. I observed no visible signs of fire. The Hopatcong Fire Department arrived and the scene was turned over to them. Fire Marshall Cook advised the damage was consistent with the owners statement. No further action required.


Reminder that Dupont Ave will be closed between Northwestern and Skidmore tomorrow 09/17/14 from 7am until they are done for repaving. Detours will be posted. Any questions call the DPW. We just wanted to remind you. Lt. Kmetz



Keeping those lines of communication open, especially during adolescence when they are most likely to engage in risky behaviors, can be a simple and effective tool to help you prevent​ substance abuse with your kids. While we encourage you to make every day “Family Day” in your home, we hope you will make a date with your kids on September 22nd to mark the 13th annual national Family Day. Let’s all make Family Day a big success, joining with other families in Sussex County and across the country as they sit down together to share a meal, create togetherness and help keep kids drug free!

Local restaurants are participating to make this day even more fun! Skip the mess and check out the list below to find Hopatcong establishments who are offering incentives, discounts and special opportunities for dining with your family on September 22nd.  Check out  www.centerforprevention.org  for other Sussex County establishment deals  Visit a local diner, restaurant or other eating  place with your family and either dine in, take out or picnic together, affirming positive family values. 

To receive this year’s Family Day special you must either mention the deal at the time of ordering or present the coupon that we have created for the event http://centerforprevention.org/pdf-files/2014/FamilyDay/FamilyDayCoupon.pdf. You can either show the coupon on your phone or print it out before going to the restaurant.


9/11 Remembrance Ceremony Outside Borough Hall 10:00 AM

In recognition of the 2,977 victims who died on September 11, 2001 we will be gathering for a “Remembrance Ceremony” Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes and a “Moment of Silent Reflection”. Come join us so we may never forget.




DATE: 09/07/14                     CASE:14-10234


ROADWAY: Maxim Drive



ACCUSED LIVES IN: Church Street Montclair NJ

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Bianculli

REASON FOR THE STOP: He almost ran the officers over


CHARGES AGAINST THE ACCUSED: DWI, Reckless Driving,  and Failure to maintain lane

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Biancull and Officer Sadowski were investigating a complaint on Maxim Drive. They saw a white Kia drift off of the South bound lane of Maxim drive onto the shoulder of the road. This vehicle came at them on the shoulder almost striking first a telephone pole and then them. The officers moved out of the way as the vehicle passed them. They ran to their police cars and went after the vehicle.  When the vehicle was stopped they found Michael Mania behind the wheel.  He was highly intoxicated. After the Field Sobriety Tests were attempted by him he was arrested and taken to Headquarters. He was given the Alcotest.  He was over 3 times the legal limit.  He was charged and later released to a family member.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)





DATE: 09/05/14                     CASE:14-10148


ROADWAY: Lakeside Blvd

NAME OF THE ACCUSED: 3 of them see below

STOPPED BY: Ptl. Bianculli

REASON FOR THE STOP: Rejected sticker and Failure to keep right



ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Bianculli saw a jeep with an expired inspection sticker. When he stopped the vehicle he could tell that there was something wrong with the occupants.  He spoke to the driver alone.  Officer Bainaculli is a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert).  When he spoke to the driver he found clues that he may be under the influence of a drug.  The driver who was Christopher Flammia age: 19 of Brooklyn Mtn Road was given Field Sobriety Tests for cannabis and was arrested.  Officer Kern arrived and spoke to a female passenger who was 17 years old. She was in possession of a small ziplock bag of marijuana. Another female passenger was Maggaly Herrera age 20 of Brooklyn Mountain Road Hopatcong.  She had in her purse: a small bud of marijuana, a grinder, and a small wax fold containing THC wax.  Inside the car there was a small "one hitter" marijuana pipe.  All occupants were arrested and charged as follows:

- Flammia: DWI, Reckless Driving, Failure to keep right, Possession of Paraphernalia and Being under the influence of CDS

- 17 year old: Possession of marijuana on a juvenile complaint

- Herrera: Possession of marijuana and Possession of paraphernalia

All were served and later released.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)









DATE: 09/05/14                 CASE:14-10107 and 14-10141

TIME: 07:17 and 20:30

LOCATION: Hopatcong High School


OFFICER INVESTIGATING: Ptl. Barta and Ptl Sadowski

NAME OF ACCUSED: 2 see below

CHARGES: Trespass

ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Barta was patrolling in the High School parking lot when he was approached by a school official. Officer Barta was asked if he saw David Berry and Nathan Torres. Officer Barta did see them parked on school property.  Officer Barta was told that Berry was given a certified letter from the school that he was not allowed on school property without authorization. (We do not know the reason for that letter being given to him). Officer Barta was given a copy of that certified letter.  The school official also wanted to send a certified letter to Nathan Torres but did not have an address for him.  Officer Barta found where Torres lives and went there.  He found Berry and Torres there.  Berry was told he was being charged with trespassing.  Torres was told by Officer Barta that he was not allowed on school property.

At 20:30. Officer Sadowski received a complaint that Nathan Torres and his brother came to the High School to assault a juvenile.  The victim told a coach who called the police.  The officers could not locate Nathan and his brother. Nathan was later charged for Trespassing since he was told by Officer Barta not to be on school property. The accused pictured are as follows: David Berry Age:23 of Eugene Road Hopatcong and Nathan Torres age: 18 of Lakeside Blvd Hopatcong

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)


(Name removed. Report altered by Lt. Kmetz)

A resident came to police headquarters to report a fraud. She advised that she received written notification from an alleged collection agency (Enhanced Recovery Company LLC or ERC) for "The Dish Network". She advised she has never had the Dish Network and she contacted ERC at 888-309-0370  to report the same. She received a fraud report packet from ERC and was told to complete it. She had questions pertaining to the document and called the phone number she had called previously. She learned the phone number had been disconnected and at that time became suspicious. I advised her not to send in the packet as requested by ERC and told her to contact The Dish Network directly.  At this time, she has not suffered any monetary loss and I am awaiting her call after she speaks with The Dish Network.  No further action at this time.



A word on bats from our on call Animal Control Officer Marisa Sandham:

People who have a bat in their home should call their local Animal Control Officer. The bat will be captured and tested by the state for rabies. You will be notified if the bat is or is not infected with rabies. Though bats are not known to attack people you can easily get in their line of flight and be struck. Or, be bitten while asleep. 
Most of the bats in New Jersey are brown bats. They have very small but very sharp needle like teeth. You could be in contact with these teeth and not even know it. And it is possible that it would not leave a mark. There is a shot that can be administered by your doctor if there was a bat in your house and you have no idea if you or a family member was bitten. Some people do not take this option but rather wait for the test results.
Sandham has been called out and captured around 18 bats from homes in Hopatcong within the last month. So far none of the bats have come back positive for rabies. She catches them by using a Tupperware container. If you do have a bat in your home call the Hopatcong Police Department. The bat pictured is a stock photo of a typical brown bat found in New Jersey. You can get more information on bats from the below link. Lt. Kmetz






DATE: 09/02/14                 CASE:14-09994

TIME: 22:59



NAME OF ACCUSED: Philip Venello

ADDRESS OF ACCUSED: Spicebush Ln Milford PA



CHARGES: Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Paraphernalia, Possession of CDS in a vehicle, Failure to stop at a stop sign and Unregistered Motor Vehicle


ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Officer Kraus saw a vehicle that did not stop for a stop sign on Stone Ave.  When he stopped the car driven by Philip Venello, Officer Kraus could smell the odor of raw marijuana.  Venello was cooperative and handed Officer Kraus a metal container with marijuana in it.  Also found in the car was a platic medication bottle with 4 zip lock bags of marijuana and a metal pipe with burnt marijuana residue inside.  Venello was arrested, taken to headquarters, processed and later released.

Press release by Lt. Kmetz #34 (973)398-5000

(These charges are merely an accusation. The defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty)