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After 14 weeks of training and traveling all over the Garden State under the instruction of the NJSP K-9 instructors; Officer Thomas Snyder is now trained with Hopatcong Police Departments new K-9 named Eli. On June 21st Officer Snyder and Eli received their plaque from Lt. Colonel Jerome Hatfield of the NJSP at Stockton State College (photo). Eli is trained to detect 6 different types of narcotics.
Officer Snyder and K-9 Eli are now on patrol and on call for the Borough of Hopatcong. They will be used on motor vehicle stops, search warrants and school searches. Other Departments in the area will have access to use K-9 Eli's ability to detect narcotics. The Lake Hopatcong Elks and many citizens contributed money and supplies that got this program going. It was through their generous donations that are still coming in that made this idea come to fruition. I want to personally thank all of you who shown support in kicking off this K-9 program after K-9 Rosco passed away. 
On Monday 06/24/13 K-9 Eli started his first patrol tour. You will see him with Officer Snyder in the Hopatcong Police K-9 truck and walking around the parks and businesses of Hopatcong. He will be an asset to this Police Department in detecting narcotics.

Officer Snyder and Eli  working a bus for narcotics during training




In the picture is Chief Brennan of the Hopatcong Police Department with Andrew Rizzo and Bob Wilton of A. Rizzo Carpentry INC. Andrew Rizzo and his wife Mandy are Hopatcong residents. They have a love for dogs and the knowledge of carpentry. When they heard the Hopatcong Police were in need of a kennel for their new K-9 Eli at his home, they volunteered their time, labor and skills.

They asked Residential and Commercial Building Material Company Kuiken Brothers in Succasunna for supplies. That company was generous enough to provide some of the needed material for free. The rest of the $961.58 was supplied by the Borough of Hopatcong through Mayor Sylvia Petillo.

On 07/11/13 Andrew Rizzo and Bob Wilton received the shipment of material at Officer Snyder and Eli's home. They started the construction and plan to finish by the weekend. Chief Brennan would like to publicly thank Andrew Rizzo for his time, travel, tools and hard work in voluntarily building this kennel for our K-9 Eli. 

We have received donations starting with the Lake Hopatcong Elks who helped us purchase Eli and the equipment he needed for training. Then from many residents in Hopatcong and others as far away as Florida for his food and supplies.. The outpouring of support for this program is truly amazing. Thank you all for your support.