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Emergency Services Unit


Emergency Services Unit






What is the Emergency Services Unit?


            The Emergency Services Unit or ESU is made up of 7 officers who are trained for special situations.  Such as, Ambulance calls Fire emergencies, Hazardous Materials incidents, Tactical situations, and Extrication calls.  We respond to all situations that require specialized training.  The Hopatcong Police Department is always the first to arrive for an emergency call.  Due to this, the need for the specialized training is imperative to saving lives.       


  • All the officers are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).  This means they received the same training as those men and women that make up the Hopatcong Ambulance Squad.   All ambulance calls are attended to by the ESU team. 


  • Four of the officers are trained in Terrorist Bombings.  This includes domestic terrorism as well as foreign.  The training consisted of recognizing explosive materials as well as investigating a bombing after it occurs.  The training received by the officers was presented by The Department of Homeland Security during a week long course.


  • One of the officers is trained in Weapons of Mass Destruction or WMD’s.  This training taught recognition and how to deal with suspicious packages as well as cleanup and decontamination during a hazardous materials event.  The officer is certified in using specialized protective suits and detection and monitoring equipment.


  • Five of the officers are certified Advanced Tactical EMT’s.  Tactical EMT’s respond to and support specialized units dealing with extremely hostile situations.  Such as, Hostage situations, barricaded subjects and school shootings.  The advanced training taught the officers how to deal with gun shot wounds and other traumatic injuries. 


  • Two of the officers are trained in Fire Suppression and Search and Rescue.  These officers received as much training as those within the Hopatcong Fire Department.   Finding and rescuing people from a fire is just one of the assets these officers learned. 


  • Two of the officers are trained in Incident Command.  Incident Commanders lead police and rescue personnel during major events such as major disasters, fires, and mass casualty events.


The ESU team helps support the residents of Hopatcong by utilizing its specially trained personnel during special situations.  The goal of the Hopatcong Police Department is to help save lives and the unique skills offered by the members of the ESU unit help accomplish that goal.  The following officers serve on the Hopatcong Police Department's ESU team.


    David Kraus -             dkraus@hopatcongpolice.org

     Edward Janosko -      ejanosko@hopatcongpolice.org

     Paul Barta -                pbarta@hopatcongpolice.org

     Gerald Mancuso -       gmancuso@hopatcongpolice.org

     Meghan McCluskey  - mmccluskey@hopatcongpolice.org

     Christopher Lotito -   clotito@hopatcongpolice.org

     Anthony Cirri-              acirri@hopatcongpolice.org